Coupon Code Master

A Google Chrome Add-On

Create a Custom or Static Coupon Code and Automatically Send and Save it upon Google Form Submission

Create a Form

Create a form on Google Forms. Be sure to collect the user’s email address to send the coupon code to.

Complete the Coupon Details in the Add-on

In the Ad-On, please complete the required information such as coupon discount amount.

Distribute your form or Embed in your website

It’s time to embed or distribute your form. When users complete the form, they will receive an auto-email responder with a custom or static coupon code (your choice) for the product or service you are offering. Coupon code will be saved, along with other form information, to the Google Sheet for the respective Form and user response.

Track your responses through your Marketing Funnel.

Track the users who complete the form, their coupon code, and their contact information.  Since the Add-On sends a coupon code automatically and saves the information to the Form’s Sheet, you can build your email contact list and track the success of your Marketing Channels, and follow your customers through the Marketing Funnel.

Google Sheet

Google Sheet


Google Form


See the Coupon Code Master in Action

Complete the form and Submit it to see how the Coupon Code Master works! You will receive a sample coupon in your email after you submit.